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About 89ERS Academy

The 89ERS Academy has two categories: Youth Team and Basketball School.

​By holding and strengthening the youth team as an under category of Sendai 89ERS,Discovery of globally active human resources​, SendaiWe will develop players with the 89ERS mindset.

In addition, at the basketball school, we focus on improving the skills of the individual, and by providing guidance on athletic ability development and communication skills, we will develop the skills necessary for society and at the same time develop future professional basketball player candidates. increase.

仙台89ERS  チーム組織図
basic principle

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basic principle

Based on the following basic principles, Sendai 89ERS Basketball School will not only learn and share the fun of basketball, improve their skills, but also develop independent players and players who can make decisions on their own through basketball.

☆ Number one

We respect each other, learn from each other, set goals for each one, and aim for the best.

☆ Plus one

Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today.

☆ We are one

Together with Sendai 89ERS, the local community will become one and contribute to the creation of a community full of smiles.

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​Sendai 89ERS U15/U18 Youth Team

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